Connecting NYC Startups with VC Funding

Demo Days, pitch events, accelerators...   There are a ton of opportunities to meet vetted startups these days in New York City--more than most investors could possibly keep track of.

What if you could let the hundreds of investors who didn't make it to Demo Day know that you're out in the market raising--and *you* controlled how much information you shared with them about your company?  Want to stay stealth, but give a hint that there might be 4 PhD's working on blockchain and health?  Send a teaser!  

Who Is Raising is a curated deal newsletter that goes out to a curated list of investors--people we know are actually in the market doing deals. The newsletter is managed by Charlie O'Donnell (Brooklyn Bridge Ventures) and Sam Batista (former VC @ Partnership Fund for NYC, current startup consultant in LatAm) in their spare time. 

We're helping startups who come through a set of partners (accelerators, top law firms, incubators, universities etc.)--so it's not a free for all that will overwhelm investors. You've got to be a part of the accelerators or groups that we know, so if you don't see a group that you're a part of listed, encourage them to sign up with us.